Hostpoint offers a wide range of products and services, so naturally customers may have a question or two they’d like answered. During business hours, we can be reached by phone or e-mail. We also respond to enquiries on weekends and holidays.

But sometimes, even a phone call or e-mail is too cumbersome – you simply want your question answered quickly and concisely. Maybe you’re on the go and want to find a quick solution to a problem from your smartphone or tablet.

We developed the new Support Center to do just that: our knowledgebase contains nearly 1600 webpages about our products and services, technical details and answers to questions about contracts and billing.

Don’t search – find!
The clever search-as-you-type feature helps you find possible answers to your question with each additional keystroke. Clicking one of the suggestions displays the appropriate answer on your screen.

Hostpoint Support Center

You can also use the Support Center to search for specific topics, for example, anything you want to know about e-mail or domain names.

By the way: in the event of maintenance or unexpected problems with the Hostpoint infrastructure, there will be status updates on the overview page of the Support Center. This is how we make sure our customers are always up-to-date. Full details about maintenance and the current system status can also be found on the Hostpoint status page.

Support at the click of a mouse

Thomas Brühwiler

Thomas Brühwiler is Hostpoint's Head of Communication and also responsible for all activities in the social media field. He was already typing on a Commodore 64 in his very young years – he used to copy pages of BASIC code from magazines. Often he had to accept that the program didn’t run because an error had sneaked into the jumble of characters. Today he cannot imagine his life without computers, in spite of those experiences.