Many private enterprises and small companies would like to have a website that reflects their own ideas. And an individualized web shop featuring their own products. However, financial constraints often put this option out of reach. And if not financial, then technical challenges and a general lack of knowledge get in the way. But a DIY solution can be a walk in the park – and here’s how to do it!

Anybody who wants to design their own website needs some programming skills first and foremost. That’s what they say, anyway. HTML knowledge. Expensive applications. Design expertise on top of that. And, above all, a couple of years to spare to familiarize yourself with this area of specialization. Those who don’t know where to start with PHP and HTML and SSL and CMS and SQL and URL and TIF and GIF and FTP and DNS and many other strange alphabet soups served up by professionals to bamboozle others should stay well away…

And those who want to create an online shop must learn how to set up complex databases as well as design the entire thing. You also have to navigate the payment system jungle. And you need to have a solid legal background alongside your stellar programming skills.

Not true at all.

Nowadays, there are various programs that can be learned in just a few hours and are convenient, feature a simple design and are intuitive to use. With these programs, it’s simple and fun to design, develop and assemble your own websites and online shops – and the end result is sure to pass the critical inspection of even the most demanding website visitors.

Sites: a short course with a huge impact
With the Sites course by Hostpoint, creating, publishing and managing a website is a lot easier than you might think. Select a template, change the settings to suit your requirements, fill in the content, and you’re good to go. Okay, maybe it’s as easy as it sounds for people who already feel comfortable using computers. But others might be a little more wary about diving straight in. This is why Hostpoint has collaborated with Migros Club School to create a compact course. Beginners attend four lessons per evening for two evenings (there are also half- and full-day options depending on the Club School site) to learn how to design a comprehensive online presence. By the end, you’ll be well versed in the following: web page construction and navigation concept, text embedding, photos (incl. image processing) and videos, route planner integration, forms, Twitter and Facebook links, and email. And you’ll even be able to make a mobile version available for smartphones.

Set up your own websites and online shops: Hosting with Hostpoint. Training at the Migros Club School.

Online shop: Your own web business in just 16 lessons
The Online shop modular system by Hostpoint is easy to learn at the Migros Club School. After 16 50-minute lessons, your finished web shop will be online – with integrated templates, payment system, terms and conditions, customer-tracking system and even initial targeted marketing measures.

As with the Sites course, it is sufficient to have a basic knowledge of computers to attend the course. Now there’s nothing to hold your business back!

A hosting provider with a course provider… Hosting with Hostpoint. Training at the Migros Club School
The major advantage of these courses is that they have been developed in collaboration between a hosting provider and an established educational institute with regional branches. Not only does this give you the theoretical background for your web solution, but it also provides you with a connection to the net and a high-performance web server. The fully operational basic versions of Sites and Online Shop are already included in all hosting accounts; even higher-performance and more multifaceted versions are available for a modest surcharge.

Furthermore, the partnership with the Migros Club School is efficient and convenient: There are courses for Sites and Online Shop at sites throughout Switzerland – with a standardized, proven structure, complete and comprehensive course documents and experience professionals as course instructors.

The end of the web designer?
Is this the beginning of some major private sector competition for professional web designers? In short: No. The modular systems provided by Hostpoint are primarily intended for private users, associations, self-employed persons and smaller companies. It’s for people and institutions working on a limited budget with simple requirements.
Major companies and operators of complex web portals or demanding shops will continue to seek professional support. There’ll be work for competent web designers and programmers for a long time yet!

Set up your own websites and online shops

Sandro Bertschinger

He didn't find computers very interesting for quite some time. An Amiga 500 as a games machine was the high point at that time. Computers began to move into his focus with the advent of the internet and the possibility of building cool websites. In 2001, he crossed paths with an internet company by coincidence.