ICANN has introduced new procedures for generic top level domains, which involves verifying and updating the owner’s details by e-mail.

For the internet to work, names and addresses must be unique worldwide. It’s the responsibility ICANN, which is sometimes referred to as the internet’s global government, to assign these names and addresses either to individuals and organizations directly or in large blocks to regional organizations in charge of assigning them further.
One of the Swiss registrars for the appointment of top level domains and addresses in Switzerland is Hostpoint. This means we are obliged to proceed exactly according to ICANN’s standards when dealing with TLDs and addresses.

New method for gTLDs: e-mail verification
When assigning domains, it is of course essential that the legal owner is actually the owner of the site, and that they can be reached by electronic means when necessary. The following rules therefore apply with immediate effect: the e-mail address of the owner’s details (OwnerC) must be verified to register a generic top level domain (gTLD), i.e. domains ending with .org, .biz, .com, .net, .info, .mobi, .name, .tel and .asia. This also applies when an existing gTLD is transferred to us, or if a change of ownership of a gTLD is registered. In any case, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the owner’s details and a link to the confirmation page. You must verify the information within two weeks. If you fail to do so, the domain will be suspended or not registered at all. Verification only has to be carried out once. After the details have been confirmed, you can order additional domains without having to undergo the entire verification process once again.

Generic top level domains: verify or say goodbye

Annual reminder
It is important that the owner’s details are correct over the long term. All too often they are not updated if, for example, the responsible contact person changes. ICANN has now defined a new procedure to prevent this. To ensure that details are kept up-to-date in the long term, the owner of generic top level domains will receive an e-mail once a year with a list of their domains and the current owner details stored. They are requested to change or update any details if necessary. A response is only necessary if something has really changed.

New domains: it’s always worth taking a look!
In the last few years, a significant market has developed for new domains with interesting endings. Owners looking for a specific ending rather than just a .biz, .com or .org domain can now find countless possibilities. How about a .school, .discount, .expert, .bio or .holiday domain? Take a look at www.hostpoint.ch/en/domains for inspiration on unique URLs, enabling you to position your company exactly as you want to!

Generic top level domains: verify or say goodbye

Sandro Bertschinger

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