Customers who use our Hostpoint Control Panel on a more frequent basis have probably noticed that we quietly launched our brand-new Control Panel a few days ago. There are several new features that will make your life easier. Your personal Hostpoint ID now allows you to manage all of your web hosting accounts with just a single login. Or you can configure authorizations for other users with Hostpoint IDs. You can also grant the authorized users only those rights they actually need.

The requirements for advanced control panels have continued to increase in recent years. When we relaunched our Control Panel, we placed a great deal of emphasis on functionality and usability as well as a self-explanatory, intuitive interface – including on mobile pages.

A single login for everything: the personal Hostpoint ID
We introduced the personal Hostpoint ID along with our launch of the new Control Panel. This enormously simplifies the management of multiple web hosting accounts. Three web hosting accounts, four domain names and two webshops? With the personal Hostpoint ID, users need just a single login to access all of their services in one place. Users can conveniently switch between the different accounts with the click of a mouse, eliminating the cumbersome process of having to log in and out with a different set of login details each time. It couldn’t be more convenient!

To obtain your personal Hostpoint ID, log into the Control Panel with your existing login. Then click “Admin” in the navigation at the top. To verify that you are the user who is actually the owner of the hosting account, we will send you an authentication code by conventional mail. But don’t worry. Until you have received this code, you can continue logging into the Control Panel with your existing login details.

The new Hostpoint Control Panel is here

Improved security thanks to authorizations
Are you also one of those people who gives your Control Panel login details to other users such as your web master? In doing so, you’ve given complete control of your web hosting account to another person. And have accepted all the potential consequences that go with it.

With your new Hostpoint ID, this is no longer necessary. From now on, you can instead decide who you would like to authorize and which functions the authorized person is permitted to use – without ever having to disclose your personal login details.

The advantage: You no longer have to entrust your personal login details to anyone else. At the same time, you can always rest assured that the authorized user can perform only those actions you have authorized. And if you would like to retract the authorization at some point, all it takes is a mouse click.

All you need is the Hostpoint ID of the person who you want authorize (or deauthorize). If the person is not a Hostpoint customer such as your web master, he or she can obtain their own Hostpoint ID here.

Log into the new Control Panel and discover the wide range of new options. Information about the Hostpoint ID is also available in our Support Center. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone (+41 0844 04 04 04) or e-mail (

The new Hostpoint Control Panel is here!

Thomas Brühwiler

Thomas Brühwiler is Hostpoint's Head of Communication and also responsible for all activities in the social media field. He was already typing on a Commodore 64 in his very young years – he used to copy pages of BASIC code from magazines. Often he had to accept that the program didn’t run because an error had sneaked into the jumble of characters. Today he cannot imagine his life without computers, in spite of those experiences.