Switzerland: our home, the place where we think and work. Since our founding, our motto has always been “Swiss Made for our Swiss customers”. Everything we do for our Swiss customers happens here – most significantly, we store your data in our Swiss facilities and not in some far-off clouds! We have flown the “Made in Switzerland” flag with confidence from the very beginning. And for good reason: Switzerland is a secure, reliable and forward-looking location for our business. This is why our services are not simply labeled “Swiss Made” – this is also our unyielding philosophy.

Our customers’ data is and will remain in Switzerland, stored on servers owned by us. This includes all of your data, whether it’s from your web hosting account, email or your web shop.

It’s a matter of principle: your data stays in Switzerland
We have decided to operate all of the software in-house on our own servers, including purchased products such as the Webshop or Sites Toolbox. Of course, this means higher costs for us: we have to pay considerably higher licensing fees. But we gladly accept this. After all, this solution gives our customers an invaluable benefit, namely, that data remains right where it belongs: in Switzerland.

Hostpoint - where Swiss Made is more than just a label

Our consulting services are purely Swiss
We do not outsource services to low-wage locations. Our support representatives, for example, on the other end of the line speak your language and are familiar with your concerns. This is because they are not sitting in some random call center in Bangalore, Ankara or St. Petersburg. Instead, they are practically right next door. The programmers responsible for the ongoing development of our hosting platform and ensuring smooth operations also work here – right at our offices.

Codes without redundancy
We make sure everything is well protected at our site, making us more flexible, secure and independent. We are not bound to the decisions of third-party companies and most importantly, we ensure the respective software code does not contain anything that should not be there. In a nutshell, everything we do is Swiss all the way to the core.

Hostpoint: where “Swiss Made” is more than just a label

Thomas Brühwiler

Thomas Brühwiler is Hostpoint's Head of Communication and also responsible for all activities in the social media field. He was already typing on a Commodore 64 in his very young years – he used to copy pages of BASIC code from magazines. Often he had to accept that the program didn’t run because an error had sneaked into the jumble of characters. Today he cannot imagine his life without computers, in spite of those experiences.