The quickest and easiest way to create websites is of course with SITES, our building set for a professional internet presence. Nonetheless, to program your website yourself or to change the source code you will need an HTML editor.

Source codes can basically be written with any text editor – such as Microsoft Editor (Windows), TextEdit (Mac OS X), or ed (Unix) – and with any word processor that supports HTML. However, this should only be done by people who speak HTML fluently (Hypertext Markup Language).

This is why HTML editors can be divided into two groups: text based programs and WYSIWYG editors. Both will let you process source code directly; when using a WYSIWYG program (What You See Is What You Get) you will immediately see how your website will look in the browser. Most of these editors not only function with HTML, but also with the script language PHP and the formatting language CSS. Many editors, text based as well as WYSIWYG, put color markings on tags and syntax; the best of them will even complete tags automatically.

HTML editors for hardcore programmers

There are countless HTML editors available. The best of them cost a few hundred francs. There are, however, editors that cost nothing and are still powerful. Try Arachnophilia, Bluefish or BlueGriffon for example. The first two are text based, the latter is a WYSIWYG editor. All three run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Do you know any other recommendable HTML editors? We look forward to receiving tips in the comment section!

HTML editors for hardcore programmers

Sandro Bertschinger

He didn't find computers very interesting for quite some time. An Amiga 500 as a games machine was the high point at that time. Computers began to move into his focus with the advent of the internet and the possibility of building cool websites. In 2001, he crossed paths with an internet company by coincidence.