If only it were that simple. It actually is. The magic words are affiliate marketing or partner program.

Partner programs work on the basis of commissions. This means that person A buys something in a webshop on the recommendation of person B. On the internet, this mostly happens by a click (person A) on a banner on a website. For this deal (purchase), the website operator (person B) will receive a certain amount from the webshop operator.

Hostpoint partner program
We too have an attractive partner program. If you have a website, you can make money without much effort. All you have to do is recommend Hostpoint. That’s all. We will pay between CHF25 and CHF100 commission for every client who clicks on a banner or a text link on your website and consequently purchases a server from us.

Make money with links

Everybody who owns a website can participate. Please register with our partner TradeDoubler, Europe’s number 1 for digital marketing. We will check your request and then activate your affiliate account. This will take only a few days. As soon as you have activated your affiliate account and your internet addresses in the TradeDoubler Control Panel, you will be able to download banners – graphics and flash animations – and your personalized HTML code for text links.

Convinced? Then register online. If you have questions, you will probably find the answers here.

Make money with links

Sandro Bertschinger

He didn't find computers very interesting for quite some time. An Amiga 500 as a games machine was the high point at that time. Computers began to move into his focus with the advent of the internet and the possibility of building cool websites. In 2001, he crossed paths with an internet company by coincidence.