Nine years ago, when Markus Gebert, Sandro Bertschinger and Claudius Röllin entered the hosting business, none of them could have known that they were laying the foundation for a company that today hosts 120,000 websites and 130,000 domains, and is one of the leading hosting providers in Switzerland.

It is clear that this fast growing company with its increasing number of employees has lost a little bit of the personal touch since 2001 – or so it sometimes seems.

Therefore, it is high time to go back to our roots and use the new Hostpoint blog to tell you more about our company and even more about the people behind it. After all, in addition to the three founders, there are 30 employees with a lot of personal dedication who want to make Hostpoint a little bit better every single day.

No marketing, real insights
This blog will certainly not be a marketing blog, but rather a medium to provide you with real insight into our daily work and explanations of the technical contexts of hosting. We will also publish expert contributions regarding current issues affecting our industry.

My co-authors and I are looking forward to a lively blog and an exchange of views with readers and clients in the comments section. We love to hear questions, tips, and suggestions – via the contact form or Twitter. Please understand that we won’t be able to answer support inquiries via the blog – those must go through our support center.

Have fun and enjoy the new Hostpoint blog!

Back to our roots….

Thomas Brühwiler

Thomas Brühwiler is Hostpoint's Head of Communication and also responsible for all activities in the social media field. He was already typing on a Commodore 64 in his very young years – he used to copy pages of BASIC code from magazines. Often he had to accept that the program didn’t run because an error had sneaked into the jumble of characters. Today he cannot imagine his life without computers, in spite of those experiences.